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We are a group of people who want to help others. God’s Garage was born out of the needs we saw around us, as some of our single ladies, widows, and wives of deployed military are struggling to make ends meet. Through donated cars and parts, we are able to bridge troubled times in so many people’s lives. We don’t charge anything for labor and try to help with parts as we can. We also give vehicles away to those in need. The future is bright for God’s Garage. We are looking forward to the future, as we train people to help others, and are anticipating becoming a full time venture, with mechanics working every day.

If you’ve ever wondered if you could make a real and tangible difference in the lives of people around you, you can.
We are endeavoring to meet physical needs of transportation, spiritual needs of guidance, and even financial budgeting courses for those who receive a vehicle. Please consider a one time or reoccurring gift to God’s Garage. Let’s take care of those who cannot do it alone.

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